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Our Faculty starts its history in 1990 when the “Minutes of Cooperation” were signed concerning the training of Bachelors, Specialists, and Masters in Economics between Ternopil Institute of National Economy (TINE) and Utrecht Higher School of Economics and Management, the Netherlands.

The next step was the creation of Ukrainian-Dutch Higher School of Economics and Management in accordance with the agreement between Utrecht Higher School of Economics and Management in person of Professor Leen Hunnenberg, and Professor Jasper van der Klooster from one side, and Ternopil Institute of National Economy in person of Rector, Oleksandr Ustenko, Vice-Rector in International Relations Yevhen Savelyev, and Professor Sharov from the other side.

Linn Hanenberg

Jasper van der Klooster

Oleksandr Ustenko

Yuevgen Saveliev

The coordinator of educational program was Associate Professor of the Management Department Nataliya Tarnavska, the scientific supervisor of the major Economics and Management of Production – Academician Oleksandr Ustenko, the scientific supervisor of the major International Economic Relations – Professor Yevhen Savelyev.

Valeriy Dyachenko

Tarnavska Natalia

In 1994 the Head of Ukrainian-Dutch School of Economics and Management, and in 1995 the Dean, became Associate Professor of International Economics, Financial and Credit Relations, and Marketing Department Valeriy Dyachenko.

According to the Academy Senate Decision dated May 24, 1995, since September 25, 1995 at the Institute of International Business and Management on the basis of Ukrainian-Dutch School the Ukrainian-Dutch Faculty of Economics and Management was created. The partner University was Utrecht Higher School of Economics and Management.

The first graduates UDFEM

The first graduates of Ukrainian-Dutch Faculty of Economics and Management left the Academy in 1998. 19 students received the Diplomas, 9 of which – Diplomas with Honors. All alumni received also the certificates of Utrecht Higher School of Economics and Management.

In 1999 the Faculty was headed by the Associate Professor of Management Department at TANE Lyudmyla Havrylyuk-Yensen.

The important date is also September 17, 2001, when the cooperation agreement with Aarhus School of Business, Denmark, was signed. This fac started the new page in the history of Ukrainian-Dutch Faculty. In 2001 at the Faculty the institution of the External Examiners started. They were Professor M. Peter van der Hoek, Erasmus University, Rotterdam, and Jasper van der Klooster, Utrecht Higher School of Business, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Since that time each students of Ukrainian-Dutch Faculty of Economics and Management has an opportunity to receive a Bachelor Certificate of Erasmus University, which certifies that a student successfully completed a Bachelor program in Economics or Management, and is equal to the similar programs of the Western Universities.

In 2002 Faculty applied, and was financed by the grant of Joint European Project TEMPUS CD_JEP-22191-2001 in restructuring academic curricula in Economics and Management. For its completion the consortium of higher educational establishments was created, including Ternopil Academy of National Economy, Aarhus School of Business, and Leeds Metropolitan University. In frames of this Project an intensive students’ and teachers’ exchange was organized by Ukrainian-Dutch Faculty of Economics and Management with the Western European partner universities. Much equipment for improving the educational process was purchased, such as computers, overhead projectors, copy machines, and other. As to the library, for the money of this grant a lot of books for the library of foreign literature were purchased, and also a material base of the scientific library was expanded.

In the same time a cooperation agreement with the Jonkoping University was signed. Since now Faculty’s students got an opportunity to study for a semester in International Business School of this University.

Also in 2002 the Faculty was accommodated in a new comfortable building of Center of European and International Studies.

UDFEM building

UDFEM logo, 2002

All classes are in that building, as well as a Dean’s Office, a Faculty administration are situated there There are also some computer rooms, library of foreign literature, conference hall, and a small canteen.

That year a Faculty received its symbol – an Earth, and two hands shaking: one for the European Union, and the other is for Ukraine. Its author is our graduate Lyudmyla Hres.

Thanking to our ex student Albert Banyoy in 2003 our Faculty for the first time received a web-site. Later the design and content were changed and improved by the members of Faculty administration Mykhaylo Dubinskyy, and Andriy Stepanenko, and also some of our students. And now it's the third generation of our site, created by members of Faculty administration Anton Yurkiv and Roman Olikh. Everyone can find an updated information about the Faculty’s life, students have an opportunity to see their schedule in on-line regime, learn more about the international grants and conferences, there also is and information for our future students, and a photo gallery.

In September 2003 for the first time, and thanking to our Dean Lyudmyla Havrylyuk-Yensen in Ternopil city, at Ternopil Academy of National Economy was opened a scientific library Internet portal. It became possible as a result of cooperation and mutual experience exchange of the Library Heads of Aarhus School of Business, and Ternopil Academy of National Economy. The main task of this portal to supply teachers and students of Ukrainian-Dutch Faculty of Economics and Management, and Academy in general with the new economic information, to open an access to the databases of the world economic editions, and financial information of large companies around the world. Portal gives an access to bases of electronic articles and journals EBSCO, electronic books Ebrary, database of statistical information on European enterprises AMADEUS. Also through the portal there is an access to the encyclopaedia “Britanica”, Oxford dictionary of English, catalogue of resources of the European Commission Library, and data of many other web-sites.

In 2003 Joint European TEMPUS Project CD_JEP-22191-2001 received a new consortium member – INHolland University, the Netherlands.

Anniversary graduation, 2003

The same year all our Faculty family celebrated a 10th birthday of Ukrainian-Dutch Faculty of Economics and Management. During the celebration there was a granting of Bachelors’ Certificates of Erasmus University; all the graduates were invited, and most of them came to the celebration. Among people invited: a President of TANE, member of Ukrainian Parliament Oleksandr Ustenko, Rector of TANE, Professor Serhiy Yuriy, Vice-Rector in International Relations, Yevhen Savelyev, first Dean of Ukrainian-Dutch Faculty of Economics and Management Valeriy Dyachenko, external examiners M. Peter van der Hoek, and Jasper van der Klooster.

During its long history Faculty started cooperation with the Universities of many countries. A special attention and great thanks deserve our foreign teachers, who worked at Ukrainian-Dutch Faculty of Economics and Management:

  • Prof. Jasper van der Klooster (1993-2004) – one of the founders of our Faculty, an external examiner, the Netherlands
  • Prof. Leen Hunnenberg (1993-1998) – one of the founders of our Faculty, the Netherlands
  • Prof. Peter van der Hoek (2001-till now) – external examiner, the Netherlands
  • Prof. Edward Koos (1994 -1995 ) – Fulbright Scholar, USA
  • Johanna Frayt (1996) – Peace Corps, USA
  • Richard Donnelly (1996 - 1998) – СЕР, USA
  • Alonzo Hudkins IV (1996 - 2000, 2006-2012) – USA
  • Brian Cohen (1996 - 1998)- Peace Corps, USA
  • Irene Burns (1997 - 1998) – Peace Corps, USA
  • Prof. Dennis Miller (1997; 1999 – 2000; 2004 - 2005 ) – Fulbright Scholar, USA
  • Carlos Alvares (1998 - 1999) – СЕР, Mexico
  • Huany Fernandes (1998 - 1999) – СЕР, Spain
  • Jodi Siemek (1999 - 2001 ) – Peace Corps, USA
  • Tyson Smith (1999 - 2001 ) – Peace Corps, USA
  • Prof. Anthony Lauria (1999 - 2000) – Fulbright Scholar, USA
  • Patricia Lauria (1999 - 2000) – Fulbright Scholar, USA
  • Karen Mackintosh (1999 - 2000) – СЕР, Canada
  • Dr. Peter Christian Jensen (1999 - 2001) – TEMPUS Project, Denmark
  • Chris Mikulek (2000) – Peace Corps, USA
  • Cameron Hall (2001) – Peace Corps, USA
  • Jeffrey Hartman (2002 - 2004) – Peace Corps, USA
  • Prof. Lade Heaton (2002 - 2003) – Fulbright Scholar, USA
  • Prof. Vanessa von Struensee (2002 - 2003) – Fulbright Scholar, USA
  • Ilia Kreys (2003 - 2004) – AIESEC, USA
  • Prof. Balaji Venkatachalam (2004 - 2005) – University of Hiderbad, India
  • Paul Mucharone (2006 - 2008) – Peace Corps, USA
  • Natali Strouse (2007-2008) – Fulbright Scholar, USA
  • Charlotte Culver (2009) - BCIT, Canada
  • Ron Kessler (2012) - BCIT, Canada
  • Ruth Achuzim (2009) – Peace Corps, USA
    Prof. Bjarne Rerup Schlichter (2009 - 2013) – Aarhus University, Denmark
    Christian Cech (2010 - 2013) – University of Applied Sciences (FH) bfi Vienna, Austria
    Marliz Sprinhorum (2009 - 2011) – INHOLLAND, Netherlands
  • IJ. N.J van den Boogaard (2009 - 2013) – INHOLLAND, Netherlands

We are expressing great thanks to all these very dear for us people!

Today Ukrainian-Dutch Faculty of Economics and Management closely works with the Universities of the Netherlands, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, American foundations and programs. Starting academic year 2005/2006 UDF students have an opportunity to participate in the exchange programs in France and Austria.

Since 2008 every first week of February UDFEM students visit INHolland University, Alkmaar, the Netherlands to take part in International  T-Challenge Game on marketing and management. They work in teams creating companies and solving various tasks and problems in the areas of strategy, marketing, personnel management, finances, advertising etc.

Everything mentioned above, and strong will of faculty and administration made Ukrainian-Dutch Faculty of Economics and Management to be a large family, and the best place to study at!

In 2010, a new emblem of the faculty has been created by the chief engineer of faculty building, Serhiy Tymoshenko.


International Summer School of British Columbia Institute of Technologies and UDFEM started working in June 2012. 26 Canadian students and 6 teachers from BCIT visited our faculty and together with 22 Ukrainian students they have been working and studying together for two weeks.
The main objectives of International Summer School were to learn economics, history and culture of Western and Eastern Europe, to develop communicative skills, to improve English and to learn Canadian culture, custom and traditions.

Every day the participants of International Summer School studied different subjects delivered by G.Homel (BCIT), J. Nolin (BCIT), S.Kominko (BCIT), O. Deyneka, N. Batryn, Yu. Deyneka. Ron Kessler (BCIT), Svitlana Kominko (BCIT) and Nataliya Batryn (UDFEM) were responsible for organization of International Summer School.

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