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Ukrainian-Dutch Faculty invites YOU to the International Language Summer School!

Video-presentation of the International Language Summer School of 1 courses in 2013 year:

International Language Summer School was started in 2006 as a unique program for freshmen of the Ukrainian-Dutch Faculty of Economics and Management. The enrolled students of this faculty have a great opportunity to take part in this international summer camp before their studying and to spend an unforgettable time with their future groupmates and teachers. The students will get acquainted with their new environment, and with the university’s approaches to teaching and studying, and e students will learn to overcome language barriers in the process of constant communication with foreign professors and other native speakers.

The International Language Summer School is a fantastic possibility for students to:

  • spend a nice time in the way you see it;
  • have a rest and get acquainted with your future groupmates;
  • improve your communicative skills;
  • experience the most effective training systems which will help to adapt to the process  of studying and make it easier;
  • get acquainted with the teachers in the informal situations;
  • show and improve  your organizational, leadership, creative and practical skills;
  • communicate daily with native speakers from different international organizations such as Peace Corps  and Fulbright;
  • test your courage in various trips and excursions;
  • and just get a perfect holiday.


Відгуки про літню мовну школу

Hrystyna Brykaylo: It was the best week of my summer. I had an unforgettable experience to meet my future teachers and new friends. And big thanks for Mr.Alonzo Hudkinz who came here to help us to learn something new and improve our English knowledge, and also big thanks for Shumska Svitlana Yevhenivna and Buchynska Tetyana Volodymyrivna.


Maria Ratushnyak: I spent great time at summer language. It was an unforgettable week. I met my future groupmates and teachers. We had English lessons every day, after that we had fun. Everything was cool.


Maria Zablotska: This summer school gave a good start to my student life and prepared for studying. Our teachers organized everything for us to have good time.


Alexander Melnyk: We had English lessons the whole week, after that we had some fun every day. Our teachers were Mr. Hudkinz, S. Shumska and T.Buchynska. They are really great teachers, who improved my English. I really enjoyed my holidays with my new friends and teachers. I think that summer school is a great idea for team building and improving English knowledge.


Я, мати Мельника Олександра, який проходив практичні заняття на англійській мові в ТНЕУ на УНФЕМ. Мої враження - найкращі. Я задоволена, що мій син відвідував ці заняття. Вони потрібні для підвищення рівня знань з англійської мови, для спілкування, а також для подальшого навчання на цьому факультеті. І особливо важливо, за участю американського викладача Алонзо Хадкінса, який проводив ці заняття іноземною мовою.
Велика подяка керівництву УНФЕМ за те, що організували таке навчання.

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