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The CIDA-funded Project "Regional Training and Consulting Capacity in Ukraine" began in January 2004. It is being jointly implemented by the Centre for International Management Studies (CIMS) of McGill University in Montreal, Canada and the Ukrainian University Consortium (UUC) of six Ukrainian Universities. The project was initiated in response to the growing need of Ukraine to train and prepare skilled and experienced business managers and entrepreneurs.
The goal of the project is to assist the transition to a market-based economy in Ukraine and promote good governance, by supporting the development of regional institutional capacity to train and offer consulting services to managers to be able to perform and compete in an open economic national and international environment.
The objective of the project is to improve the institutional capacity of the network of regional Ukrainian Universities to support the business community by offering management training and consulting services.

Aim of the project was to establish an international B.Sc. in Economics and Management at the Ukrainian-Dutch Faculty, TANE. The B.Sc. in Economic and Management covers the core courses in business and is fully compatible with EU standards.


Development of international connections is instrumental in the increase of scientific potential of teachers, graduate students and students, growth of their qualification.

International cooperation with the Ukrainian-Dutch Faculty participation helps the development of the economy and management practice in the following ways:

  • participation contributes to realization of general educational projects;
  • participation of faculty research workers in international conferences, seminars, and summer schools;
  • scientific interrnships and lecturing abroad;
  • general scientific and educational editions;
  • students' studies follow the overseas institutes-partners of higher education programs.

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