The mission of the Faculty is to prepare competitive professionals in the field of international management and marketing who can work successfully in the global market economy. It is achieved through:

  • High level of training;
  • The professional teaching staff;
  • effective international relations with universities of the world;
  • Compliance with international educational standards;
The task of the faculty:
  • Priority on the quality of training: a permanent increase of  their competitiveness in domestic and international labor market;
  • High level of basic education: intensive study of foreign languages, high quality of mathematical training, possession of modern information technology, thorough training on fundamental economic disciplines, integration of disciplines, and support of interdisciplinary relations;
  • Pragmatic approach to higher education: emphasis on practical training of graduates, the formation of professional competence;
  • Compliance with international standards of education: focus on the best international and domestic developments in education and occupation;
  • Adoption of the principles of the Bologna Declaration: the transition to two-step system of education, implementation of mobility programs for students and teachers, credit transfer, harmonization of training programs;
  • Support for innovation: the development of research capacity and promotion of scientific and intellectual products on the market, encourage students and graduates apply their knowledge for personal and social development.

The main goal of UNFEM is to provide a high level of professional training and effective management of training (education) and research processes at the faculty.

Areas of training

Faculty provides step system of education: "bachelor" (basic higher education), "Specialist", "Master" (complete higher education) in the following areas:

  • Field of major 0305 "Economics and Entrepreneurship"
    Direction "Marketing" (programs for Bachelor and Master in the professional  guidance "International Marketing", full-time and correspondence-distance form)
  • Field of major  0306 "Management and Administration"
  • Direction "Management" (programs for Bachelor and Master in the professional orientation: Management of external economic affairs, variable  components: international  management, full-time and correspondence-distance form)
  • Business Administration (only for the qualification of "master")
Bachelor graduates receive a bachelor's degree in management of external economic affairs with knowledge of English, or bachelor's degree in international marketing with knowledge of English and Erasmus University Certificate, of Rotterdam, Netherlands. Master graduates receive a Masters Diploma in Management of external economic affairs or international marketing.
Opportunities for students:
  • fluency in English and study of  a second foreign language elective (German, French, Spanish or Italian);
  • Development of leadership, personal and management skills during the training process and participating in summer schools, competitions, conferences;
  • Mastering computer skills, free Internet access;
  • Semester study in the Netherlands, Austria, Denmark, Poland, France, Canada and the study of specialized subjects in English in TNEU;
  • Apprenticeship  and practice in national and international companies and organizations;
  • Successful employment in  the leading enterprises of Ukraine and the world.

The faculty enrolled 336 students (end of 2012.). 258 students - full-time education and 78 students – correspondence -distance form.


Dean: Ph.D, assistant professor of international management and marketing TNEU, a member of the European Association of International Education (EAIE) Lyudmyla V. Havrylyuk-Yensen


Deputy Deans

Voitenko Oleksiy, teacher
Deputy Dean of
Organizational Wotk

Batryn Natalia, Ph.D.,
Deputy Dean of International Relations

Myhal Oksana, teacher
Deputy Dean of
Research Wotk



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